The SCAN Foundation Webinar: Aging as a Women’s Equity Issue: Forging a Path Forward with California's Master Plan for Aging

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About this Event:

Please join us on November 18, 2021for a special policy briefing, “Aging as a Women’s Equity Issue: Forging a Path Forward with California’s Master Plan for Aging,” in partnership with the California Legislative Women’s Caucus and the Assembly Committee on Aging and Long-Term Care.

Hear from the state’s leading policymakers and experts who will speak to these issues, related policy opportunities, and the Master Plan’s path forward for a new paradigm of aging in California.

Women face disproportionate challenges as they age, impacting their economic security, health, and mental health. For women of color, these challenges are often compounded by systemic barriers and discrimination. This is even more true when we consider the intersectionality of race, gender identity, sexual orientation, and disability. California’s Master Plan for Aging (Master Plan) offers a road map to solve these deep inequities, so all Californians can age with dignity and independence.


  • Senator Melissa Hurtado, Chair, Senate Committee on Human Services
  • Assemblymember Adrin Nazarian, Chair, Assembly Committee on Aging and Long-Term Care
  • Assemblymember Blanca Rubio, Member, Assembly Committee on Aging and Long-Term Care
  • Susan DeMarois, Director, California Department of Aging
  • Dr. Sarita A. Mohanty, President and CEO, The SCAN Foundation
  • Donna Benton, Executive Director, USC Family Caregiving Support Center
  • Amber Christ, Directing Attorney, Justice in Aging
  • Anni Chung, President and CEO, Self Help for the Elderly
  • Carlene Davis, Co-Founder, Sistahs Aging with Grace and Elegance
  • Elizabeth Edgerly, Executive Director, Alzheimer’s Association of Northern California and Northern Nevada
Live Webinar Air Date: 
Thursday, November 18, 2021 - 1:00pm to 2:30pm